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Northwest Ontario's Rainy Lake is well-known for it's great smallmouth bass fishing as well as northern pike, crappie, and walleye. Located only 25 miles from the border with Minnesota, our camp, combined with Rainy Lakes' clean clear waters, have become the avid fishermen's dream location. Sports Afield magazine rated Rainy Lake among the top 4 lakes in North America for catching trophy-size Smallmouth Bass.

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Camp Narrows Lodge wants you to have the best fishing trip possible. Newcomers to the area or to the sport of freshwater fishing may want to book our experienced, professional guide prior to their arrival at Camp.

fall bass fishing in Septembermonster northern pike fishing
The cool, clear waters of Rainy Lake offer you an unparalleled angling experience.

Catch Fishermen's Fever

Smallmouth Bass fishermen love our neck of the woods. We have a world-class fishery for bronze backs in our lakes so be prepared for some fast-action angling. Not to be ignored are the Northern Pike cruising the reefs and weed lines. These guys are fighting machines. Come and do battle with one of these wily warriors. The sense of triumph in landing a monster pike needs to be experienced to be understood. Many fishing fanatics rekindled the fever while landing themselves a trophy pike. Every year many 30 to 45 inchers are caught.

September and October are our crappie months. Late fall jigging in clouds of crappie will ensure a tasty meal. Many slab 2 lb. plus crappie are caught this time of year.

For incredible bronze back action try a fall trip. It may be cool but the fishing is hot! As the water cools down the smallmouth move up onto the reefs and stack up one on top of another. The fish all go on the feed. Rainy Lake's north arm is full of smelts. This baitfish puts shoulders on these bass. It is truly hard to say which is better: the size of the fish or the shear numbers caught at this time of year.

At Camp Narrows Lodge, to ensure that we sustain our world-class fishery, we have a catch-and-release policy for our smallmouth bass. Rainy Lake also has slot-sizes to protect our trophy pike and walleye. For meals or shorelunches we encourage our fishermen to eat small walleye, pike, or those tasty crappies. The larger fish, which are usually female, must be thrown back. With these policies Rainy Lake will not only sustain its world-class fishery but it will get even better for future fishermen like yourself.

crappie fishing in the Autumn at the LakeTrophy walleye on Rainy Lake, Ontario Canada
Bring your family or your friends and enjoy a Northwestern Ontario wilderness adventure!

More Information about Our Fishing Vacations

For reservations or more information on the camp please contact us. For more information on how to improve your fishing and other general questions Rainy Lake and area please use our message board


It Is Important!

Before you visit us it important to preview Ontario's fishing & hunting regulation's home page. At this site you will find all you need to know about licensing, catch quotas etc. Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

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Camp Narrows on Rainy Lake in Northwestern Ontario is about fishing, fishing, and more fishing!